Gordon W Bennett

Clerk, Hope Nugent
Tel: 518-966-5055, ext. 3

Hours: Typically Clerk Hope Nugent will be in the office Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm. Assessor Gordon Bennett will hold office hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays between the hours of 8am – 3pm and can also be reached at


As the Town’s Assessor, I promise to treat all assessments fairly and impartially as required by my position. If you have questions or concerns concerning your property assessment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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2022 Final Assessment
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Billing address changes: Any time your billing address changes, you should notify the Assessor’s Office in writing. The billing or mailing address on file is the address where the school and property tax bills are mailed. If your address changes and the town is not notified, your receipt of these tax bills may be delayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are property taxes assessed?

Greenville’s last revaluation was in 2003; therefore we use 100% of 2003 values for our assessments. As the market value changes, so does the level at which we assess property. 100% of 2003 value is 80.00% of 2013 value.

If I make a home improvement, when will my taxes change?

Any changes made after March 1 will be captured in the assessment for the next March 1st. If your home or an improvement is partially complete by March 1st, the assessed value will reflect that. A Change of Assessment notice will be sent in May.

If I disagree with my tax assessment, what can I do?

Assessments can be discussed with the Assessor throughout the month of May. If an agreement cannot be reached with the Assessor, you can file a formal review with the Board of Assessment Review.

The form can be obtained at any Assessor’s office or online and find the document titled “A Taxpayer’s Guide: How to File for a Review of Your Assessment.”

Who is eligible for property tax exemptions (STAR)?

Any homeowner who is a primary resident of Greenville is entitled to a STAR exemption which is applied to school taxes only. Other exemptions are available for property taxes, please contact the Assessor’s office or online to NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website. The deadline for filing exemption forms is March 1st.