Town Clerk & Tax Collector

Jessica Lewis

Deputy Collector Jacqueline Fitzmaurice, & Assistant Hope Nugent

Tel: 518-966-5055, ext. 5

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm unless otherwise posted.

Please call to schedule an appointment for times outside of posted office hours.

Pioneer Town Hall – 11159 State Route 32, Greenville, NY 12083
At the corner of Route 32 and Route 81. The Town Clerk’s office is the first door on your left when you enter via the front double doors.


Local government is the branch of government most directly affecting people’s lives; the Town Clerk is often seen as “the face” of local government. Knowing this, I am here to serve and assist you. If you have any questions, please stop by my office in the Town Hall (Pioneer Building) or contact me by phone or email.

The Tax Collector is responsible for all property tax related documents and payments. If you have any question about your property taxes, please feel free to contact me. If you have a question about your assessed land value or pertinent exemptions, please contact the Town of Greenville’s Assessor’s Department at extension 3.

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PetVet Clinics

The Tractor Supply Store on Route 32 in Greenville will hold PetVet Clinics on certain weekends ~ please contact the store or the Town Clerk for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who collects Town of Greenville Property taxes?

Jessica Lewis is the Clerk-Collector. She may be reached at 518-966-5055 extension 5, or via email at

Do not hesitate to contact me with any property tax concerns! I am here to help you.   ~ Jessica Lewis

How do I pay my taxes?

Online: You can view and or pay your taxes online with credit or debit card or bank account transfer, (convenience fees will apply).


Taxes will be received in person: 

For the month of January only:

  • At the Greenville Branch of the Bank of Greene County, 4 Garland Lane by Tops Plaza, during any of their open hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, and Saturday 8:30 am – 12:00 noon.
  • At the Clerk-Collector’s Office in Town Hall Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Wednesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday (January 8 & 22 only) 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

February 1st – July 31st:

  • At the Clerk-Collector’s office in Town Hall during regular office hours Monday-Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, unless posted otherwise*

By Drop Box: 

  • located at bottom of the steps at the boardroom entrance of Town Hall. It should be used solely for payments made by check or for communications. Please, no cash. Please address the envelope to Jessica Lewis, Clerk-Collector. The drop-box is maroon, labeled TOG only, and is checked once daily, Monday through Friday. Payments will be date stamped upon receipt, and secured and processed. If the received date could be in question as it is near the last day of the month, please mail your payment so it reflects a postmarked date. Receipts will be sent for every payment made.

By Mail:

  • mailed to Tax Collector at Pioneer Town Office building, PO Box 38, 11159 SR 32, Greenville NY 12083 only until July 31st, at which time all unpaid taxes are returned to the County Treasurer’s office.
  • All payments by mail must be postmarked on or before the last day of the month due. If the last day of the month falls on a weekend or legal holiday, it will be accepted on the first business day following such date. Post-dated checks cannot be held by the collector and will be returned. Please date your check for the day you are mailing payment.

Returned Check Fee: A $15 charge will be added to the total bill for each dishonored check.

How are dog permits handled?

The Town Clerk handles dog permits. A certificate of rabies vaccination is needed for a dog license as required by state law. Please see see the Town’s web page on Dog Control for more information, or the “Law” tab to review local laws pertaining to licensing and activities of dogs.

How do I obtain a Marriage license?

Both parties must appear, with proof of age and identity.  Appointments are required for this service. If the marriage is not a first marriage, proof of dissolution of the prior marriage is necessary. A marriage license can be issued by any Clerk in New York State, regardless of where you wish to be married.

Getting Married in New York State

Can I get a copy of my Marriage license?

If the license was issued in this office, a certified copy can be prepared here.  If if was not issued here, the Department of Health Vital Records section can prepare a copy for you.  Their number is 877-854-4481.

Can I access vital records (birth, death, marriage)?

Birth, Death, and Marriage records are available to certain individuals only.  Please refer to the Department of Health website for FAQ’s or to print out the necessary forms, or call the Town Clerk for guidance at 518-966-5055, ext. 5

Genealogy: Uncertified copy requests for genealogical purposes can be provided if certain conditions are met: for Birth Certificates, they must be on file for at least 75 years, and the person must be known to be deceased.  For Death or Marriage Certificates, they must be on file for at least 50 years, and both parties known to be deceased.

How do I register to vote or request an absentee ballot?

Forms can be obtained at the Clerk’s Office in the Pioneer Building.

How do I get permission to use parking for people with disabilities?

Permanent and Temporary Handicapped Tags are available here with a doctor’s order. You must obtain the tag from the town in which you live.

Where can I find Notary Public Services?

Notary Public Services are available at the Clerk’s office.

When are tax bills sent out?

Greene County has contracted with a company who will print and mail your tax bills. The bills should be in the mail by late December and you can expect to receive your bill by mid-January. Once the warrant is executed in late December, all information about your bill(s) will be posted online.

When are the taxes due?

Taxes are due without penalty each year by January 31st, unless that date falls on a Sunday, in which case the payment will be accepted (in person or via a postmark) on February 1st.

All payments by mail must be postmarked on or before the last day of the month due. If the last day of the month falls on a weekend or legal holiday, it will be accepted on the first business day following such date. Post-dated checks cannot be held by the collector and will be returned. Please date your check for the day you are mailing payment.

I never received my bill, or received it late; do I still have to pay the penalty?

Yes, the failure to mail a statement or the failure of a property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law (New York State Real Property Tax Law §922). In addition, neither the Tax Collector nor any other official has legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges. These are fixed by the Real Property Tax Law. If they are waived, the collecting officer will be personally responsible. As all records are audited by State examiners, there is absolutely no discretion in this matter. The Constitution and the law of the State mandate the procedure.

Do you accept payment with credit cards?

Yes. Credit Card payments will be accepted with a 2.45% processing fee, online or in the office. Payment via an ACH Direct transfer is available online, for $1.75, or via debit card for $3.95. The processing fees are not kept by the Town of Greenville, rather they are a service charge collected by the credit card company. (Payment via cash, check or money order are accepted without service fee)

Can I pay my taxes in installments?

The Town of Greenville does not accept partial or installment payments at this time.

Can I pre-pay my taxes?

No, the warrant constitutes the function of authority for the collecting officer to receive the taxes. Therefore, the warrant must be regarded as the instrument which empowers the collecting officer to begin the collection. Collection authority cannot begin prior to the date of the warrant.

What if my mailing address changes?

Address changes must be made in writing. Notify either the Tax Collector or the Assessor’s Clerk by mail, email, or fax if you wish to change your mailing address. Kindly include the owner’s name, former mailing address, tax map number, and the requested new mailing address.

What if my mortgage is paid up?

If your tax bill is not requested by a mortgage holder, the tax bill will be mailed to you at the address on file.

How do I apply for exemptions?

All exemptions are handled by the Assessor’s Office. Should you have any questions, please call Hope Nugent, Assessor’s Clerk at (518) 966-5055 extension 3, or email at

Why don’t I see the STAR exemption?

The basic STAR exemption only affects your School Tax portion of your primary residence. Please contact the Assessor’s Clerk to ensure your property has the appropriate and allowable exemptions. The school tax bill is managed by the School Tax Collector and comes out each September. The Town of Greenville does not have any direct connection with the management of the School Tax Collection; we are not able to provide assistance with issues related to School Taxes.

Who collects School Taxes?

The School Tax Collector in the Greenville Central School District is Ms. Sharon Rarick; she can be reached during the months of September and October at 518-966-5070 extension 520. During the remainder of the year between November and August, please contact the District Clerk, Ms. Daphane Pearson (extension 501), for information on your school taxes or for receipts