Recycling Center

Location: Route 26A, Greenville
Tel: (518) 735-3566

Hours: Mon, Wed, Sat 8am–2pm

The recycling center will be closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day                     Juneteenth (6/19)                    Election Day

Martin Luther King Day         July Fourth                              Veterans Day

Presidents Day                      Labor Day                               Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day                        Columbus Day                        Christmas Day

Inclement Weather: In any event the Greenville Central School District is closed for inclement weather, the recycling center will also be closed.

Located on route 26A in Greenville (sign on Route 81, just east of the town center), the Recycling Center is open three days a week. If you are not sure whether something is accepted, please read the FAQ below before calling us. It could save you a trip!

Recycling Items: Be sure to separate, sort, and organize all recycling items before you bring it in for recycling. Unsorted recyclables will not be accepted.

Greene County Annual Household Hazard Waste Collection: This usually occurs each June in Athens at the Greene County Highway Dept.

Recycling Center Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

What recyclable items are accepted for FREE?

Cans (Rinsed)
Car batteries
Corrugated cardboard (flattened & bundled)
Glass bottles and jars (rinsed with tops removed)
Magazines (bagged or tied)
Newspapers (bagged or tied)
Scrap metal
Soft plastic bottles with plastic codes 1,2,3,4,5 (rinsed with tops removed)

What recyclable items are NOT accepted?

Containers with hard plastic codes 4, 6, 7
Glass products (e.g. light bulbs, window panes, clay pots)
Contaminated plastics (e.g. antifreeze containers, oil containers)

Tires over 20″

Tires with rims

What household garbage is accepted for a fee?

Car Tires $5.00 *NO RIMS ACCEPTED*
Refrigerators $7.50
Freezers $7.50
Air Conditioners $7.50

What garbage is NOT ACCEPTED at the Recycling Center?

Hazardous materials
Motor oil
Paints, thinners, primers
Medical waste
Dead animals
Propane tanks
Yard waste
Construction and demolition debris (including all wood, rock, shingles)