Maintenance / Water Supervisor

Joe Murphy
Maintenance Supervisor
Tel: 518-966-5055, ext. 4


Zach McGrath

Deputy Water Superintendent
Tel: 518-966-5055, ext. 4

The Town of Greenville Maintenance Department is responsible for the grounds keeping and maintenance of the following Town-owned properties: Town Hall, Library, Cultural Arts Center, Boy Scout Annex, Vanderbilt Park, Veterans Park, and the Norton Hill Park. We also do grounds keeping and building maintenance for the Greenville Water and Sewer Districts. The Maintenance Department also attempts to do an annual cutting and cleaning of over 20 cemeteries located in the Town of Greenville, and also assists with the Freehold and Greenville Beautification projects. These projects are made possible with the partnership of the Greenville Highway Department and many volunteers and community organizations.

The Town of Greenville Water system serves 1900 people through 260 service connections. Our water source is from two wells, which are located at the northern end of town on the east side of Route 32. The water is chlorinated for disinfection purposes and is treated with a corrosion-inhibitor prior to distribution. Additionally, we filter the water through greensand filters to control taste and odor problems.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

2020 – report

2018 – report

‚Äč2012 – report

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my water bill arrive?

Water meters are read quarterly, on or about the 15th of January, April, July and October. Bills are calculated and mailed on the 15th of February, May, August and November.

What are the rates?

The municipal water rates are $70 for the use of 10,000 gallons and under for both commercial and residential users.

Over 10,000 gallons of use would be an additional $7 per 1,000 gallons for both commercial and residential users.

*Effective 4/17/2024*